Our Story

First things first: we're not recruiters and Intuitech is not a recruitment agency.

We are software experts with a combined 40+ years of experience in software development, C-level management and entrepreneurship, who decided to get into recruitment because of our own needs.

It all started at the beginning of the pandemic, when we and the companies we worked with struggled to find the right talents when everybody was locked in their homes.

We weren't happy with the recruitment agencies that we worked with up to that moment. They were mainly motivated by the money they were making and they were sharing a lot of low quality candidates without doing any proper assessment which caused a lot of frustration, inefficiency, wasted time and money on our side.

While looking for a solution, we figured that remote work could be a great source for new talents and we could utilise our connections and network in other countries, where great talents are available with more affordable prices.

We decided to follow a completely different approach, because we felt the need to fix the issue with the traditional recruitment approach and wanted to find the perfect match for our needs. It wouldn't be possible with the old approach where recruiters with absolutely no understanding of the technologies, having 10 minute phone calls and sharing random CVs with the sole motivation of making more money.

We decided to do something radical: why don't we handle all the interviews ourselves?

As software professionals and consultants, we have a combined 40+ years of experience. We worked with companies like Bank of America, HSBC, Vodafone, Barclays, John Lewis, Deutsche Bank, Equal Experts and many more, and we have a deep expertise in software development and hiring software professionals as ex-C-Level executives/directors. Why don't we utilise our expertise and make their lives easier?

And we did.

The rest is history.

Initially we did all the interviews ourselves and handled both technical and cultural interviews. After our success with this approach, we started working with companies that we did business with during our software consultancy & management careers.

They loved working with us and the people they hired through us and they demanded more. With an engineer approach, we decided to improve and automate our system and we started using our own online assessment platform to find the best candidates. In the process, we have even built our own ATS/CRM system to be able to track and automate the entire candidate/client workflow effectively with automations starting from the first interaction with the candidate until doing background checks and signing the contract with them and it's been working amazingly well.

As Intuitech, we can now handle both cultural and technical interviews for our clients with no additional charge. We support 30+ programming languages, 100 technical skills and provide 1,000 technical challenges to find the right candidates through our unique assessment platform. We can also customise the interviews based on our clients' needs, even create new challenges using our software expertise if needed.

Our clients don't pay a penny if they don't want to progress with a candidate who passed all the assessments and we don't charge any additional fees if they start working with them, it's a part of our services.

So why work with a recruitment agency that share random CVs with you and put all the burden of interviews, calls, meetings on your shoulders while we can handle everything for you?

Our clients are usually able to hire candidates with just a 30 minute introduction meeting after they go through our detailed reports about every stage of the interview.

Sounds like a dream? It's their reality now and could be yours, too.

Are you ready to revolutionise your recruitment like our happy clients?

You better think about what you could do with the saved time that you don't waste with interviews, calls, meetings, background checks, back and forth emails. Nice problem to have ๐Ÿ˜Š

Get in touch with us today and let's move your business forward together, one team member at a time.

Catch up soon.

All the best,

Ender & Kemal

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