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We don't just recruit tech people. We find the very best talents, we make sure they are the right fit for you, we help you build teams, we create success stories, for you to focus on what really matters in your business.

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Your Next Top Hire is one S.M.A.R.T.™️ Decision Away

Meet our unique 5-Step S.M.A.R.T™️ Tech Recruitment System

1. Strategy Assessment

Begin by filling out our detailed assessment form. This sets the stage, helping us to understand the unique attributes of your company culture, technical needs, and open roles, allowing us to see how we can best serve you and tailor our search just for you.

2. Mutual Understanding

Next, we'll schedule a consultation where we delve into your unique needs and you get a taste of our expertise. We'll clarify any unique requirements you have for candidates, both technically and culturally and even present a few potential fits based on your earlier assessment.

3. Active Research

Equipped with a deep understanding of your needs, we initiate a rigorous search through our exclusive network of highly qualified tech talents to find those that align with your specific requirements.

4. Rigorous Interviews

We coordinate and conduct interviews tailored to your needs. We do very detailed technical assessments that assess every aspect of the candidate skillset and share successful candidates along with a report of how they performed.

5. Talent Matching

Finally, we present you with a carefully selected top-tier list of candidates that meet your needs. We arrange a meeting with people who excites you the most and help with your onboarding. We can also supervise, train and empower our consultants during the projects if you choose us to do so.

Unmatched Technical Assessment

We filter our candidates through our world-class technical assessment system that ensures you to work with only the top 5% of all the talents in the market.

  • Vast challenge, language and skills database

  • Front-end, API, databases, data science & more

  • Algorithmic and Programming skills

  • Technology specific skills

  • Real programming tasks

  • Multiple choice, open-ended questions

  • Video response questions

  • Cultural fit questions

  • Language / Communication skills

  • Built-in simulations & Cheat detector

Some of the Supported Technologies
1,000+ challenges, 30+ languages & 100+ skills

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Recruitment Consultancy, not Agency.

At Intuitech, we go beyond the traditional recruitment model by offering you much more than just a list of candidates. We provide you consultancy before, during and after your recruitment process.
Here's how we add value to your business:

Affordable Top Talents

Our co-founders, both seasoned software engineers & entrepreneurs personally oversee the vetting process. We have a pre-vetted talent pool of 2500+ people from countries like Turkey, East Europe and Philippines with much more affordable prices.

Seamless Integration

Our developers don't just fill roles; they become an integral part of your team, understanding your project's nuances and contributing effectively from day one.

Expert Consultation

Our founders are seasoned software experts & entrepreneurs. Benefit from our founders' technical expertise as we offer consultative insights to understand what suits you the best and optimize your project outcomes.

Diverse Skill Set

From Java to React, from AI to Data Science, from DevOps to Mobile, our talent pool is rich in skills and experience, ready to tackle your most challenging projects.

Start your journey to build a dream team, today.

Our Client Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it. Here are a few testimonials from our happy clients.

Chris M.

Senior Development Manager

"Intuitech has been nothing short of phenomenal. Their approach to talent acquisition is both unique and effective, thanks to their founders' deep technical expertise. We were particularly impressed with the diverse skill set of the developers they provided—ranging from front-end technologies to complex back-end solutions. After a lot of changes in teams, we still work with their engineers after a long time."

Ana K.

Project Manager
Bank of America

"Intuitech has been a game-changer for our software development projects. It's evident that they understand the intricacies of coding from the inside out. The developers we onboarded from Intuitech integrated seamlessly into our team, contributing effectively from day one. I highly recommend Intuitech for anyone looking for top-tier engineering talent without the hassle."

Zhao L.

Chief Technology Offier

"Working with Intuitech has been an exceptional experience. We were more than satisfied with the results. What sets them apart is the expert consultation we received from their founders, who are seasoned software engineers themselves. They didn't just provide us with developers; they offered insights that optimised our project outcomes. Intuitech is the go-to for anyone in need of specialized, vetted talent."